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Air Pistols

We stock an extensive range of CO2, spring and air powered pistols, with steel BB and pellet options available. Brand names include Umarex, Weihrauch, Crosman, AirForce1, Swiss Arms and Zasdar, models include Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Heckler & Koch, Colt to name but a few. Models change frequently so please check for availability. We can also offer a free local delivery service.


Air Pistols Miscellaneous

Olympic 6 Blank firer300
Olympic 6 Blank Firer

Olympic 6 Blank Firer uses 6mm blanks and is suitable as a starting pistol for various events and competitions...

Price: £50

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Co2 Air Pistols

Walther PPQ M2 300
Walther PPQ M2 Pistol

Walther PPQ M2 Co2 air pistol, features metal slide, rotary mag, 21 pellet capacity , double and single trigger action system, steel barrel, .177 calibre...

Price: £215.00

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Walther Nighthawk 300 x 300
Walther Nighthawk Air Pistol

This Walther Co2 air pistol has an 8 shot magazine, safety double action trigger and comes with unique high power mounts which offer varying ways of mounting scopes for individual tastes and takes .177 pellets.. .  ...

Price: £POA

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Walther CP88 Nickel 300
Walther CP88 Co2 Nickel Air Pistol

Walther CP88 Nickel Co2 Air Pistol, German manufacture, features .177 calibre pellet, 8 rounds rotary mag, double action trigger system, metal slide. Available in different barrel lengths and finishes...

Price: £250.00 Nickel £199.00 Black

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Walther CP88 Black 300
Walther CP88 Black Co2 Air Pistol

Walther CP88 Black Co2 Air Pistol, features, drop free Co2 mag, rotary 8 rounds mag, metal slide, double trigger action, .177 pellet calibre. Different finishes available...

Price: £199.00 Black £250 Nickel

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Umarex Walther P38 300
Umarex Walther P38 Air Pistol

Umarex Walther P38 Co2 .177 steel BB air pistol...

Price: £180.00

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Walther CP99 300 x 300
Umarex Walther CP99 Air Pistol

The Walther CP99 Co2 air pistol comes with an 8 shot rotary magazine, is semi-automatic, rifled barrel, de-cocking safety and fires .177 pellets.. .  ...

Price: £195.00 Black £210.00 Nickel

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300 Umarex UX SA10
Umarex UX SA10 Semi-Auto Air Pistol

Umarex UX SA10 semi auto, CO2, 8 round capacity, fires both .177 (4.5mm) Steel BB & .177 (4.5mm) pellet, metal barrel with single/double action...

Price: £160

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300 Umarex Tornado
Umarex Tornado CO2 Revolver

Umarex Tornado CO2 10, round rotary magazine. single action, .177 (4.5mm) steel BB revolver...

Price: £80

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Umarex TDP45 300
Umarex TDP 45 Air Pistol

Umarex TDP 45 Co2 air pistol, fires.177 steel BB with drop out magazine...

Price: £60

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Colt Special Combat 300
Umarex Special Combat Classic

Umarex Special Combat Classic, 20 round capacity, double trigger action, Co2 moveable slide full metal air pistol, calibre .177 steel BB...

Price: £150.00

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300 Umarex Smith & Wesson
Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 CO2 Revolver

Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 4" & 6" black , with rubber grips CO2 .177 (4.5mm) pellet revolver...

Price: £POA

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Umarex RP5 300
Umarex RP5 Co2 Air Pistol

Umarex RP5 Co2 pump loading action air pistol features single/multi-shot magazine, manual safety, precision accuracy, 5 round capacity, modular design with optional extras...

Price: £285.00

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Umarex Makarov300
Umarex Makarov Air Pistol

Umarex Makarov Co2, .177 steel BB entry level air pistol...

Price: £115

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Legend PO8300 x 300
Umarex Legend PO8 Air Pistol

This .177BB CO2 air pistol, has a 21 shot metal drop out magazine with double action trigger firing at 400fps, fixed front and rear sights and a manual safety. Also available in Blowback version POA.. .  ...

Price: £99.00 Standard £175 Blowback

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300 Umarex CPS
Umarex CPS CO2 Air Pistol

Umarex CPS CO2, 8 round rotary mag, adjustable rear sight, .177 (4.5mm) pellet Air Pistol...

Price: £160.00

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300 Umarex Colt SAA
Umarex Colt SAA.45 CO2 Pistol

Umarex Colt SAA .45 CO2 single action army authentic, full meta, 6round capacity pistol. Available in pellet or steel BB with 5.5", 7.5" barrel in nickel, blued, gold and antique finish. Image of Blued version...

Price: £220 Black £220 Nickel £225 Antique

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Colt Peacemaker 300 x 300
Umarex Colt Peacemaker .177 Air Pistol

This Co2 air pistol has a metal frame, a 6 shot mag with fixed front sights, realistic revolver action and fires .177 pellet.. .  ...

Price: £210

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Colt Defender 300 x 300
Umarex Colt Defender Air Pistol

This metal construction air pistol is easy to operate, runs on Co2, and comes with a fixed blade front sight and double action trigger, firing 16 rounds .177BBs. .  ...

Price: £100

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Colt 1911 A1300 x 300
Umarex Colt 1911 Government Air Pistol

The Colt 1911 Co2 air pistol has two 8 shot rotary drums, shoots up to 393fps, double action trigger with metal construction with plastic grip. This model has a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear, fires .177 pellet.. .  ...

Price: £250.00

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300 Umarex XX Treme
Umarex Beretta XX-Treme Air Pistol

Umarex Beretta XX-Treme CO2 .177 (4.5mm) pellet air pistol with red dot sight...

Price: £349.00

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300 Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm
Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm Air Pistol

Umarex Beretta PX4 Storm, 18 rounds double mag, steel .177 (4.5mm) BB and .177 (4.5mm) pellet CO2 blowback system air pistol...

Price: £175.00

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Beretta 92FS 300 x 300
Umarex Beretta 92FS Air Pistol

The Beretta 92FS Co2 .177 pellet air pistol has a double action trigger, an 8 rotary magazine firing at 425fps. Available in semi-auto, single and double action with nickel or black finish.. .  ...

Price: £220.00 Black £250 Nickel £355

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S&W M29 300
Smith & Wesson M29 Air Pistol

Smith & Wesson M29 classic full metal, co2, single/double action, adjustable rear sight, manual safety includes 6 shells, .177 steel BB. Varying barrel lengths available...

Price: ££230 upwards

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Smith & Wesson 686 300
Smith & Wesson 686-6 Revolver

Smith & Wesson 686-6" barrel C02 powered 10 shot .177 pellet magazine, double action trigger...

Price: £279

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S&W 629 6-12 300
Smith & Wesson 629 Classic Air Pistol

Smith & Wesson 629 metal CO2 air pistol, with single/double action, rotary chamber, .177 steel BB calibre. Different barrel lengths...

Price: £220-£240

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Glock 19X 300
Glock 19X CO2 Air Pistol

Glock 19X CO2 metal slide, double action, magazine mid cap, .177 steel BB air pistol. Available in both blowback and non blowback versions...

Price: £130.00 Non Blowback £175.00 Blowback

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Crosman 2240 300
Crosman 2240 Air Pistol

Crosman 2240 Co2, bolt action, single shot .22, powerful pistol suitable for small pest control. Also available in kit which includes hard case 500 pellets, 3 CO2 cylinders and gun oil price POA...

Price: £120.00

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Beretta M9A3 Sand 300
Beretta M9A3 Co2 Sand Air Pistol

Beretta M9A3 Co2 full metal, sand finish blow back air pistol features drop free Co2 magazine, 16 round capacity, double action trigger, calibre .177 steel BB. Also available in black...

Price: £199.00 Sand £230 Black

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Beretta 92FS Nickel 300
Beretta 92FS Co2 Nickel Air Pistol

Beretta 92FS Co2, .177 pellet calibre, full metal air pistol, features 8 round, rotary mag, double and single action. Available in different finishes...

Price: £POA

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Pre Charged Air Pistols