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Head Torches


Coast Head Torches

Coast XPH30R 300
Coast XPH30R Head Torch

Coast XPH30R dual power, twist focus, quick cycle switch system with battery life indicator head torch with pro-tek charging displays turbo 1000 lumens at 165 metres, high 490 lumens at 112 metres, medium 150 lumens to 63 metres and...

Price: £65.00

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Coast HX4 300
Coast HX4 Clip Torch

Coast HX4 80 lumens, dual colour clip torch, weatherproof, integrated magnets, white and red utility beam. Runs on 2xAAA batteries included...

Price: £18.00

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Coast FL13R 300
Coast FL13R Head Torch

Coast FL13R dual colour rechargeable utility beam wide flood bright centre head torch features high low white beam and constant red and red flash beam. 270 lumens to 20 metres on high beam and 85 lumens to 12 metres on...

Price: £25.00

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Led Lenser Head Torches

Led Lenser NE06 300
Ledlenser NE06R Head Torch

Ledlenser NE06R rechargeable head torch features constant light output until reaches the end of it's run time with a virtually glare-free wide beam, reflective head strap, rear red light, water and dust protection with transport lock.  Full power...

Price: £45.00

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Led Lenser NE04 300
Ledlenser NE04 Head Torch

Ledlenser NE04 head torch features constant current mode providing constant light output until it reaches the end of run time.High power 240 lumens 30 metres, low power 20 lumens 10 metre blink 20 lumens 10 metre, wide beam, smart...

Price: £25.00

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Ledlenser MH8 300
Ledlenser MH8 Head Torch

Ledlenser MH8 rechargeable head torch with advanced focus system, smart light technology and multi-colour white, red,green and blue light, detachable for hand lamp option, with rechargeable battery and magnetic USB charging cable. Can also be used with regular...

Price: £80.00

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Ledlenser MH4 300
Ledlenser MH4 Head Torch

Ledlenser MH4 smart light technology, advanced focus system compact head torch can be detached for hand held option, runs on 1 x AA alkaline battery (included), 200 lumens at 130 metres and 20 lumens at 40 metres at low power...

Price: £35.00

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