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Hand Held Torches


Coast Torches

Coast G4 Blue 300
Coast G4 Blue Key Ring Torch

Coast G4 Blue mini flood 19 lumnes key ring torch complete with battries and twist action on/off switch...

Price: £6.00

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LED Lenser Torches

Led Lenser P7 300
Ledlenser P7 Torch

Ledlenser P7 handheld torch with rapid focus and advanced system, runs on 4 x AAA batteries 450 lumens to 300 metres high power, 250 lumens to 22 metres mid power, 40 lumens to 100 metres low power, supplied with pouch...

Price: £65.00

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Led Lenser P3 300
Ledlenser P3 Keyring Torch

Ledlenser P3 keyring torch with rapid focus and advanced focus system runs on 1 x AAA Alkaline battery at 25 lumens up to 60 metres, supplied with, pouch, hand strap, keyring clip and pen clip...

Price: £19.00

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Led Lenser M14 300
Ledlenser MT14 Torch

Ledlenser MT14 rechargeable hand torch with high light range and efficiency to light up the darkest of wooded areas and long term battery run, 1000 lumens at 320 metre distance, 200 lumens at 120 metre distance and 10 lumens at...

Price: £110.00

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Led Lenser M10 300
Ledlenser MT10 Hand Torch

Ledlenser MT10 rechargeable compact hand held torch features advanced focus system, smart light technology and rapid focus, complete with belt clip, lanyard, pouch, rechargeable batteries and USB cable. Full power 1000 lumens beam distance 180 metres, mid power 200 lumens...

Price: £90.00

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LedLenser Lite Wallet 300
Ledlenser Lite Wallet

Innovative Ledlenser compact, secure, full grain leather credit card wallet features 150 lumens torch light with multiple charging options. Variety of colour options within the range...

Price: £40.00 Special Price

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300 Led Lenser P7QC
LED Lenser P7QC

The LED Lenser P7 Quattro colour, 220 lumens, prism diffuser, smart technology, 3 function, 4LED bulbs displaying red, green, blue or white light. Runs on 4 x AAA batteries...

Price: £80

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Ledn Lenser P7-2 Gun Set 300 x 300
Led Lenser P7.2 Torch Kit

Led Lenser P7.2 torch with pressure sensitive switch and gun mount kit with Advanced Focus System, Speed Focus, power, low power and boost lighting options, runs on 4 x AAA batteries, ideal for hunting, shooting and lamping...

Price: £POA

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300 Led Lenser K2
Led Lenser K2 Keyring Light

The Led Lenser K2 is a neat, high performance 25 lumens key ring light. Runs on 4 AG13 batteries and has key ring attached. Colours: Black, Turquoise & Pink...

Price: £7.5

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