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Barrages & Single Ignition Fireworks.

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Display Kits

The Maximum Showtime300
Brothers The Maximum Showtime Display

Brothers The Maximum Showtime 3 barrages 233 shots high noise compound firework with astounding breath-taking displays and awesome effects in an array of magnificent colours. More large display and compound fireworks also available in varying shot size and prices...

Price: £330.00

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Large Barrages

Brother Hercules 300
Brothers Hercules Barrage

Brothers Hercules barrage single ignition firework impressive 107 shot displays with an array of dazzling tails, stars, glitter, wave, brocade and whistling, crackling finale with vibrant colours including red, green, purple, white and blue. Hercules Mini a smaller display also...

Price: £150.00

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Brothers Fireworks Crazy 300
Brothers Fireworks Crazy

Brothers Fireworks Crazy 100 shots eruptive multi-effect barrage including red tails, silver pinners, whistling red stars, greent tails, silver spinners whistling green stars, red tails to red bouquet, white tails to white bouquet, mine of lemon stars, mine of...

Price: £150.00

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Medium Barrages

Carnival Space Navigator 300
Carnival Space Navigator Barrage

Carnival Space Navigator 36 shot multi-effect barrage impressive colourful displays including red, green and purple tail bursts with white glitter, red bursts of time rain and multi colourful palms...

Price: £54.00

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Brothers Hercules mini300
Brothers Hercules Mini

Brothers Hercules Mini medium noise 107 shot barrage thrilling, intense display includes crackling mine to red, green yellow palm, crackling mine to yellow palm, crackling mine to white palm, crackling mine to yellow wave, crackling mine to yellow palm, crackling...

Price: £70.00

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Brothers Frozen 300
Brothers Frozen

Brothers Frozen 36 shot multi- effect and four cycle vibrant colourful firework emits strobes, stars, dazzling willows, tense mines with exciting finale, stunning, jazzy colours include, blue, gold, green and peach...

Price: £77.00

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Small Barrages

Sky Crafter Strike A Rose300
Sky Crafter Strike A Rose

Sky Crafter Strike A Rose 25 shot garden barrage with brilliant red stars and crossette...

Price: £37.00

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Sky Crafter Immortal Jellyfish300
Sky Crafter Immortal Jellyfish

Sky Crafter Immortal Jellyfish noisy 12 shots small resplendent colourful barrage green tails to brocade crown including blue, white, red, green and orange star...

Price: £18.00

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Button Moon 300
Sky Crafter Button Moon

Sky Crafter Button Moon 12 multi shot garden barrage includes stunning red tails to red, green,peach, lemon,orange,blue,purple,yellow tails and white strobes...

Price: £18.00

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Brothers Ninjas 300
Brothers Ninjas

Brothers Ninjas 19 shots, Time Attack and Power multi-effect high noise, stunning fireworks within the range.Ninjas Time includes yellow tails, red stars, silver glitter and crackling. Ninjas Attack includes purple and blue peonies...

Price: £14.00 Each

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Brothers lion King 300
Brothers Lion King

Brothers Lion King 30 shots multi-effect firework emits vibrant brocade and white glitter, brocade and green glitter, brocade and red glitter, brocade and blue star wna white and red glitter dazzling finish...

Price: £40.00

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Exploding cherries 300
Brothers Exploding Cherries

Brothers Exploding Cherries 16 shot popular medium noise flashy multi-effect firework, emits white tails, crackling with red and blue stars finishing with red, blue stars and silver glitter...

Price: £15.00

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Angel Dust Barrage 300
Brothers Angle Dust Barrage

Brothers Angle Dust 20 shots low noise barrage emits colourful vibrant silver bouquet to red, green, blue and yellow mine, silver bouquet with crackling mine. Larger sizes of the low noise Angel range also available in varying prices...

Price: £14.00

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